Newmarket & Horseracing

Discover Newmarket

and visit the home of Horseracing

Newmarket is a unique Town and is visited by many people who are interested in seeing the horses on the gallops, but are not sure if they are allowed.

Most of the work is done between 6.00am and 11.00am so do not expect to see anything other than the Heath men in the afternoons or on Sundays!

The best place to head for if you are looking for some action is Warren Hill, which is just a few hundred feet past the Hotel on Moulton Road.  There is parking at the top of the Warren Hill and you can see a constant stream of valuable horses working on the two uphill canters. There are over sixty trainers and at least 2000 horses in training, there is never a shortage of interesting viewing.

The Severals trotting rings are also good for viewing and within walking distance of the Hotel on the Bury Road. There are many other gallops of course but they are not all easy to find or accessible to the public. There are also conducted tours of the town and gallops and sometimes include a visit to a stable yard.  Please follow the link to the Discover Newmarket Website where more details can be found.

Whilst the trainers do not want the public all over the Heath, not least because of the danger to themselves and the racehorses, there are a few places where it is perfectly safe and acceptable to watch and take photographs.

National Horseracing Museum

a chance to meet former racehorses