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Mike Bell Clinic

Nestled amidst the tranquil backdrop of the Heath Court's grounds, the Clinic offers not only exceptional services but also the convenience of free parking. You'll find us at the Lodge, CB8 8DY.

With a passion that spans over a decade and a half, Mike has honed his skills as a skilled sports and remedial massage therapist. The tapestry of his career boasts undeniable achievements in relieving discomfort, managing injuries, and crafting personalized regimens of corrective exercise. His reputation isn't just a claim – it's woven into the reviews on Google, a testament to the lives he has touched and improved.

The pursuit of knowledge is his guiding principle, and it's what led Mike to the European School of Osteopathy in 2020/21. Within its halls, he explored advanced anatomical insights and mastered the finesse of osteopathic mobilization techniques. This commitment to perpetual growth fuels his imminent completion of an advanced Manipulative Therapy course in June 2023, enhancing my capacity to deliver the pinnacle of manual medicine treatments to my cherished clients.

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