Indulge in Culinary Delights Amidst Unmatched Ambiance at Berties Restaurant, Lounge & Bar

A world of delectable flavours and impeccable service awaits you in Berties Restaurant, meticulously prepared by Hon and his dedicated team. Our restaurant, a haven for food lovers, offers a diverse menu that caters to every palate. Delight in the legendary Musk’s Newmarket Sausages, a true local delicacy celebrated far beyond our town's borders.

Our setting, designed to evoke the comfort of home, welcomes you—whether you're dining with loved ones, colleagues, or enjoying a personal retreat. Full climate control ensures comfort in any season. As you savour each bite, enjoy the warm, welcoming atmosphere of our lounge and bar, where conversations and drinks flow effortlessly. Our outdoor area offers a charming setting for al fresco dining, enhancing your experience at Berties.

We believe dining transcends the meal itself—it’s an experience to be cherished and shared. Situated in the heart of picturesque Newmarket, our hotel prides itself on excellence and genuine hospitality. We're excited to introduce our latest culinary adventure: the "Around the World Friday Buffet." Embark on a flavour journey with us as we explore the best of global cuisine, promising an extraordinary dining experience.

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Around the world Friday Buffets