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A Season to Remember: Celebrating Christmas 2023 at Heath Court Hotel

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Reflecting on a Festive Season of Joy: Christmas at Heath Court

As we bid farewell to the festive season and look back on the wonderful Christmas we celebrated, we at Heath Court are filled with warm memories and gratitude. Our Christmas party nights transcended mere events; they were vibrant celebrations rich with joyful moments, shared stories, and a bountiful festive spirit.

We cherish the unforgettable experiences shared with the Businesses, Groups, and Individuals who joined us, each bringing the true spirit of Christmas to life at Heath Court. Now, with excitement in the air, we eagerly look forward to Christmas 2024. Bookings are already open, and we can't wait to welcome you for another season of festive joy and splendid celebrations at Heath Court Hotel.
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Grooving to the Beat: A Special Thanks to DJ Martin

We extend a special note of appreciation to Martin from Geared Entertainment, whose skills as a DJ set the perfect tone for our party nights. Martin, your ability to create a lively and engaging atmosphere with your music selection truly made our events unforgettable.

Thank you for adding the soundtrack to our festive celebrations

Celebrating Our Culinary and Service Stars

Our exceptional Chefs and the entire Heath Court Team also deserve a heartfelt thanks. Your dedication, creativity, and tireless efforts created magical evenings filled with exquisite cuisine, seamless service, and an atmosphere of warmth and joy. Your passion for excellence shone through in every detail, from the meticulously crafted menus to the beautifully decorated spaces.

We believe that every Christmas at Heath Court should be memorable, and thanks to you all, 2023 was no exception. As we look forward to welcoming you again, we hold onto the wonderful memories of this season, carrying them with us into the new year.

Thank you for making Christmas at Heath Court Hotel a splendid celebration of togetherness, joy, and festive spirit.

Our Restaurant and Bar will close after Christmas Day Luncheon and reopen on Monday 8 January 2024